Why can’t I Delete a column in Excel?

to delete a column in a spreadsheet, right-click the column heading, where you see the column letter. This should open a context menu where you see the “Delete” command. If the delete command is grayed out, the worksheet may be protected and you need to unprotect it first via Review ribbon > Unprotect Sheet.

Why can’t I delete columns in Excel?

Microsoft Excel: This issue may occur if a formula has been added to the entire worksheet, or if formatting (such as a border) has been added to an entire column or row.

How do I enable delete columns in Excel?

Insert or delete a column
  1. Select any cell within the column, then go to Home > Insert > Insert Sheet Columns or Delete Sheet Columns.
  2. Alternatively, right-click the top of the column, and then select Insert or Delete.

Why can’t I delete rows and columns in Excel?

Please ensure you are in “Normal” view. To check, click the sheet tab on which you have this issue, click View tab on the ribbon and check if “Normal” is selected in the Workbook Views group. Try deleting/ inserting rows/columns again.

Why can’t delete row in Excel?

When you protect a worksheet, all cells are locked by default. This means that users cannot insert or delete rows. However, you can specify which cells users are allowed to modify.

How do I delete a data row in SPSS?

In the Data View tab, click the case number (row) that you wish to delete. This will highlight the row for the case you selected. Press Delete on your keyboard, or right-click on the case number and select “Clear”. This will remove the entire row from the dataset.

How do I remove table formatting in Excel?

Remove a table style
  1. Select any cell in the table from which you want to remove the current table style.
  2. On the Home tab, click Format as Table, or expand the Table Styles gallery from the Table Tools > Design tab (the Table tab on a Mac).
  3. Click Clear. The table will be displayed in the default table format.

How do I wrap text in Excel?

Wrap text in a cell
  1. In a worksheet, select the cells that you want to format.
  2. On the Home tab, in the Alignment group, click Wrap Text. (On Excel for desktop, you can also select the cell, and then press Alt + H + W.) Notes:

How do I merge and center in Excel?

Merge cells

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Click Home > Merge & Center. If Merge & Center is dimmed, make sure you’re not editing a cell or the cells you want to merge aren’t inside a table. Tip: To merge cells without centering the data, click the merged cell and then click the left, center or right alignment options next to Merge & Center.

How do I create a header for a table in Excel?

Click anywhere in the table. On the Home tab on the ribbon, click the down arrow next to Table and select Toggle Header Row. Click the Table Design tab > Style Options > Header Row.

How do I convert a table to a range in Excel?

Convert an Excel table to a range of data
  1. Click anywhere in the table and then click the Table tab.
  2. Click Convert to Range.
  3. Click Yes to confirm the action. Note: Table features are no longer available after you convert the table back to a range.

How do you Delete a header in Excel?

Remove headers or footers
  1. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Header & Footer. Excel displays the worksheet in Page Layout view.
  2. Click the left, center, or right header or the footer text box at the top or the bottom of the worksheet page. …
  3. Press Delete or Backspace.

How do you code variables in SPSS?

To recode into different variables, click Transform > Recode into Different Variables. The Recode into Different Variables window will appear. The left column lists all of the variables in your dataset. Select the variable you wish to recode by clicking it.

How do I enter data into SPSS?

Follow these steps to enter data:
  1. Click the Variable View tab. Type the name for your first variable under the Name column. …
  2. Click the Data View tab. …
  3. Now you can enter values for each case. …
  4. Repeat these steps for each variable that you will include in your dataset.

How do you write a Vlookup?

  1. In the Formula Bar, type =VLOOKUP().
  2. In the parentheses, enter your lookup value, followed by a comma. …
  3. Enter your table array or lookup table, the range of data you want to search, and a comma: (H2,B3:F25,
  4. Enter column index number. …
  5. Enter the range lookup value, either TRUE or FALSE.

How do I record a macro in Excel?

Record a macro

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In the Code group on the Developer tab, click Record Macro. Optionally, enter a name for the macro in the Macro name box, enter a shortcut key in the Shortcut key box, and a description in the Description box, and then click OK to start recording.

How do you flash fill in Excel?

You can go to Data > Flash Fill to run it manually, or press Ctrl+E. To turn Flash Fill on, go to Tools > Options > Advanced > Editing Options > check the Automatically Flash Fill box.

How do I set print area in Excel?

Set one or more print areas
  1. On the worksheet, select the cells that you want to define as the print area. Tip: To set multiple print areas, hold down the Ctrl key and click the areas you want to print. …
  2. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Print Area, and then click Set Print Area.

How do I format painter in Excel?

Copy cell formatting
  1. Select the cell with the formatting you want to copy.
  2. Select Home > Format Painter.
  3. Drag to select the cell or range you want to apply the formatting to.
  4. Release the mouse button and the formatting should now be applied.

Can you put Excel formula in header?

Once you have inserted the placeholder, you need to add a formula that will retrieve the information from the cell where it is located and insert it into the header or footer. To do this, click on the Formulas tab and then click on the Insert Function button.

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How do I convert raw data to Excel?

  1. From your main display, select one or all chart(s) with the tag data you want to export.
  2. Navigate to the Action drop-down menu.
  3. From this drop-down menu, select Export Raw Data. …
  4. Locate the file on your system to open.

How do I remove scales in Excel?

To remove a scaling option, go to File > Print > Settings > No Scaling.

How do I open syntax editor in SPSS?

To open a new Syntax Editor window, click File > New > Syntax. After you’ve opened a Syntax Editor window, you can start writing your syntax directly in this window.

How do I install SPSS from a flash drive?

Find the flash drive device through your Start menu > Computer > Devices with Removeable Storage. Select IBM® SPSS® . Right-click setup in the Windows subfolder and choose Run as Administrator. On the AutoPlay menu, click Install IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base Integrated Student Edition.

How do I import SPSS into Excel?

Setting up the Foreign File Formats dialog box
  1. The foreign file format dialog box appears. Select SPSS in the Format field and click OK to continue.
  2. A new window appears. Select the data file from your computer and click Open.
  3. Output. The data are now imported into a new Excel sheet. …
  4. Going further.

What are macros for Excel?

If you have tasks in Microsoft Excel that you do repeatedly, you can record a macro to automate those tasks. A macro is an action or a set of actions that you can run as many times as you want. When you create a macro, you are recording your mouse clicks and keystrokes.

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